The Masters Circle Leadership meets 10 times a year. They help plan quarterly activities, oversee the Masters Circle Annual Budget, and work in alignment with the vision and goals of the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors®.

Qualifications for serving on the Leadership Team are as follows:

President Elect: For continuity of leadership, the President Elect shall assume the Presidency the following year. Vice Presidents are the primary candidates for President Elect should they choose to continue in service to the Leadership Team.
Vice President: Vice Presidents must have served a minimum of one year as a Director at Large within the preceding three years.
Director at Large: Any Masters Circle member may serve as a Director at Large.

All Leadership Team members must be a current member of the Masters Circle.

2024 Applications are open now!

Fillable pdf: Masters Circle 2024 Director at Large_fillable

Questions? Contact Masters Circle Liaison, Bianca McCarthy – 503-459-2154